Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gospel Album Review - Grace

August 15, 2010

Review of "Grace"

Artist: Shelia Slappy

In this inspired debut album titled “Grace”, Gospel singer Shelia Slappy delivers an array of songs so stylistically varied so as to render the cohesion of the whole improbable.

Yet the album succeeds magnificently not only as a complete musical expression, but also as a narrative of personal faith.

The album’s 12 songs—only one of which is not entirely original—moves easily between jazz, reggae and contemporary Gospel, with the added surprise of 3 songs that defy any easy classification.

Over this broad canvas, Ms. Slappy deftly deploys without self-consciousness, her immense palette of vocal colors and varieties: scatting effortlessly, teasing out syllables, bending unsuspecting notes and harmonies, and vocally imitating instruments with skill and humor.

Run—don’t walk—to iTunes, CD Baby, DigSation or Amazon to order or download the album. After several months listing to the album frequently, I still hear something new every time! You will too.

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